SiteLock Review How to Secure Website with SiteLock Security?

What is the best website security
What is the best website security

SiteLock Review How to Secure Website with SiteLock Security?

Website Attack”, they only happen to big companies right? Think again! The average small business website is attacked more than 50 times per day. Every site out there is being targeted to some degree. Cyber criminals have automated tools to hack your website. Why don’t you have automated security to your site? (SiteLock Review How to Secure Website with SiteLock Security?)

How to Secure Website with SiteLock Security?

Website Security with SiteLock Security:

SiteLock is the only website security provider to offer award-winning automated tools to find, fix, and prevent cyber attacks and you have access to SiteLock security experts around the clock any time you have a question.

What is your website and peace of mind worth to you? They’re priceless. Right!

SileLock is a global leader in website security offering complete cloud-based website protection because 80% of attacks are aimed at those web applications, leaving them vulnerable simply isn’t an option.

SiteLock Reviews
SiteLock Reviews

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Your website is the one thing you want publicly accessible but it needs to be protected with cyber threats evolving each day. Is your website secure? Start with SiteLock smart scan to identify and remove malware automatically, keeping your site safe and off to Google’s blacklist radar. True Shield Web Application Firewall which blocks backdoor access and mitigates Dodos attacks putting a much needed secure barrier between your data and cyber criminals and true speed content delivery network makes sure latency is non-issue accelerating your website.

So, you don’t need to sacrifice with speed and customer satisfaction for much needed protection.

SiteLock costs just pennies per day and is completely customization to your website needs. More than all malware attacks target small business websites. Is yours next? Don’t be next, a security breach is a nightmare you don’t want to experience with SiteLock you never will.

The SiteLock Risk Assessment:

You designed your website unique and captivating but not safe from threats. Cyber crime is so common it’s hitting everyone from top brands to small businesses; it might surprise you to know that all websites are inherently at risk of attack. In fact, it’s the features that make your website unique like your plugins that are putting your website at an increased risk. Why?

All these factors create potential entry ways for cyber criminals to get in. That’s why SiteLock created a risk assessment to offer education on how likely your website is to be compromised.

How it works SiteLock? SiteLock Review

The assessment looks at three main categories to determine your risk. Your website complexities like the size of your website or if you use a database to store customer information. Your website popularity like traffic and social media presence and your site composition like the software used to build you site.

But SiteLock looks at over 500 different website variables to calculate your risk score on a scale of Low, Medium, and High.

A low risk score means your site is just as likely to be compromised as the average website. A medium risk score means your site is six times more likely to be compromised and now if you receive a high risk score, your website is 12 times more likely to be compromised. Knowing your risk score can help you make an educated and proactive decision about the Security of your site.

You can lower your risk and protect your site from a successful breach with the use of dedicated website Security solutions.

SiteLock Review How to Secure Website with SiteLock Security?

How to Install and Configure the SiteLock Plugin for WordPress?

I’m going to tell you how to install, activate and connect the SiteLock plugin to your SiteLock account.

First thing, you want to do is go over to plugins, click “Add New” and on the plugin screen, search for SiteLock. You’ll see the SiteLock security plugin, click ‘Install’ and then proceed to activate it.

If you already have an account then just connect to SiteLock through or through a hosting partner or if you need a new SiteLock account. You can establish an account by clicking ‘Connect to SiteLock’, that takes you to the secure SiteLock sign in option page.

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Click on ‘Create a new account’ and move ahead to press ‘Free Plan’. Scroll down and click ‘sign up now’. Then you come to the account creation age and fill this out. Your sign up is complete and now you are going to the important phase where you configure SMART.

The Smart Scan requires that you connect to your server via FTP, SFTP or FTPs. You can get this information easily from your host.

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Next test the connection to make sure everything is good. SiteLock is successfully connected and now you need to tell your scanner what directory has your WordPress installation, click on ‘Continue button’. Now your SiteLock account is connected to your WordPress site.

As you press ‘Scan Now’ button, that will initiate the smart scan, check back in about an hour and the smart scan will have run.


After scanning is completed and if it indicates green dot that means, no issues were found during the scan. If any malware or vulnerabilities are found, it will alert you.



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