Akismet Anti-Spam Review

Akismet Anti-Spam Review
Akismet Anti-Spam Review

Akismet Anti-Spam Review

What is the best Anti Spam Plugin for WordPress? (Akismet Anti-Spam) Review, How can you give your WordPress website foolproof security that keeps hackers at bay and give you a sense of relive that your website is safe when you go to bed? But before giving answer to this, is it really necessary to protect a website?

Why Protect WordPress?

There can be many disastrous repercussions from having your WordPress blog hacked. They could be simple and easily fixable, like simply losing access to your site for a few hours. Or they could be as disastrous as losing money, work or reputation.

Hacking attempts on WordPress sites are on the rise. Security and hosting companies report that they are seeing a large botnet that makes use of more than ninety thousand servers performing brute force attacks on WordPress sites, cycling different user names and passwords in order to gain access to sites that are vulnerable.

Wikipedia defines illegal botnets as follow:

Akismet Anti-Spam Review
Akismet Anti-Spam Review

Botnets sometimes compromise computers whose security defenses have been breached and control conceded to a third party. Each such compromised device, known as a “bot”, is created when a computer is penetrated by software from a malware (malicious software) distribution. The controller of a botnet is able to direct the activities of these compromised computers through communication channels formed by standards-based network protocols such as IRC and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Today hackers are popularly defined as computer experts who devote their time attempting to breach the security of networks, web and email servers. It is common for them to use proprietary software to identify weaknesses and then exploit them.

Is AKISMET Best Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress?

Akismet plugin is one of the best plugins, from which you can easily secure your WordPress site against such attacks, and keep your site, your content, your products, your income, your data and you customers safe.

I’m going to tell why you should use the Akismet plugin to start blocking spam comments on your site. The reason you want to do this is if you had a WordPress site for any amount of time, you’ve noticed spam comments and at first you may have thought they were real because some of them are quite deceiving, some of them look like they could be legitimate comments but they’re actually spam and over time you begin to realize, ‘oh that’s not actually a real comment that’s a bot or a spammer’.

This Akismet plugin really cuts down your workload and able to block those automatically that integrates really well. If you have the Akismet plugin installed and running and you mark something as spam then that becomes part of the Akismet database to help it. It tracks spam automatically. So the more people use it, the more people click ‘spam’, the more intelligent the plugin becomes and less spam you’re going to have on your site.

How To INSTALL and CONFIGURE the Akismet Plugin?

Now, I’ll tell you, how you can configure this plugin? From where can you get the Akismet API Key?

So, basically you need to get an API key to activate the plugin. If you are installing a WordPress blog for the first time, you might see Akismet plugin installed by default it might not be activated. Just in case, if you are manually installing WordPress and you don’t see Akismet plugin you can simply click on “Add new” and search for Akismet and install it right away.

Akismet Anti Spam
Akismet Anti Spam

Now, you need an Akismet API key. If you simply go to Akismet site and try to get the API key, it will ask you to make a donation.

To activate your Akismet account you need to press ‘Activate your Akismet Account’. Then click on “Get your API Key”. This will take you directly to the Akismet website, click on ‘Get an Akismet API key’.

You need to create an account by doing first step, i.e add your email address. Once you’re in you will get few options like Personal, Business and Enterprise. Let’s here, we go with the Personal account. Here you need to take care of a section which says ‘What is Akismet worth to you’? Basically, this is more likely a donation. Simply, drag the slider to $0.00 per year and click ‘Continue’ button. That’s it. You get.

Akismet Anti-Spam Setup
Akismet Anti-Spam Setup

You will get a confirmation email into your registered email address. From there, copy the Akismet API key and go back to the dashboard, add the key and press ‘Use this Key’ button.

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So, it will bring the Akismet server to verify that if the key is working or not. Depending upon the volume of spam comments you’re getting, I usually prefer to select the first option and do remember these comments which are in the spam folder will be automatically deleted in 15 days.

Click on ‘Save Changes’. If you get a genuine comment, you will be approving it manually and if it’s a spam comment, Akismet plugin will block it directly. I assure you: your expectations will not be cut short.



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