MilesWeb Hosting Review 2023

MilesWeb Hosting Review
MilesWeb Hosting Review

Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress – Being a webmaster you know all the threats that can be thrown at you at any time. Web hacking can tamper your website and that would be most fearful threat of all DDoS or Distributed denial-of-service attack. You need to be prepared from all of these. (MilesWeb Hosting Review)

Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress

MilesWeb is the most reliable service provider. Ground-breaking facilitating highlights and proactive customer support causes it to eat the challenge.

MilesWeb Hosting Review
MilesWeb Hosting Review

Why MilesWeb Hosting?

  • MilesWeb provides a free domain for the first year.
  • MilesWeb use the latest version of cPanel, it means your website is more secure, fast, and you will get the latest available features in cPanel.
  • Amazon Web ServicesMilesWeb use Amazon servers. You are indirectly hosting your website on Amazon Cloud.
  • Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate SSL certificate is a good way to secure your visitor and improve your website ranking on cPanel. You have a direct button to install Let’s encrypt SSL certificate.
Now how it’s going to benefit you?

Let’s assume you don’t have a button to install let’s encrypt certificate, it means you need to manually install it. Let’s encrypt only provide certificate for three months, within these three months you have to manually renew your SSL certificate.

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    • Lite Speed ServerIt is again helps to improve your website load time and improves your site ranking.
    • Multiple RegionsYou can select UK or Indian server to create your website. You need to select the server location based on your audience.
    • Instant Chat Response If you are going to contact with MilesWeb supporting using chat then they will respond to you in less than one minute.
    • These are the great benefits to use or to host your website with


Elite Full Service Website SecurityCloudbric:

The intruder can choose to leak your data and your site can be poisoned with malware which means any visitor will be infected in return and once Google identifies your website as infected, it will block your site from being accessed. Even with SSL and Network Firewalls your website can still be hacked, that’s the reason ‘Cloudbric’ comes in.

Cloudbric is a software-as-a-service solution that’s been designed to protect you from any online threat. Be a DDoS, SQL Injections, hacking or malicious tampering, Cloudbric will cover them all.

Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress

Why Cloudbric?

Well, in this time and age, your online presence is a key. In fact, only a few minutes of service unavailability can mean the difference between success and failure. Cloudbric can set you free from these issues by providing first-class website protection.

Best Email Spam Protection Solution:

Securing a nearly 100% accuracy rate for spam and virus filtering with close zero false positives spam experts, incoming filter is a groundbreaking solution. It will protect your network against all spam, virus, phishing, and malware attacks. They actively providing you with the best and most complete platform on the market with weekly new features in real-time engine update at the most competitive prices possible.

So, how does the incoming filter actually work?

Simply add the domains you want to filter to the software and reroute your email through an easy change in MX records whether deployed within highly redundant cloud or locally on your own hardware. MilesWeb solution works out of the box and is compatible with any mail server. It has ready-made integrations and automation plugin APIs and is 24/7 monitored and maintained by team.

Spam experts incoming filter keeps inboxes free of spam and viruses. MilesWeb advanced multi-level spam-panel offers different permission levels for any type of user.

MilesWeb Hosting Plans Details

Click – (It will redirect you to the homepage of

      • Click ‘Register Now’ button and then several plans for shared hosting and unlimited hosting with free domain will open in your desktop screen.
MilesWeb Hosting Review
MilesWeb Hosting Review

What is the difference between a MilesWeb Value Plan and Unlimited Plan?

Value Plan is only for a single website with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. In case of unlimited plan, you are able to host unlimited website and you can get a “Free .COM Domain” and rest of things are same. Based on your requirements select the value or unlimited plan.

Registering a new MilesWeb Hosting service for your amazing Website:

As I said earlier, MilesWeb provide you with multiple regions to select server. Let’s go with the Indian server location and Value Plan. Click ‘Buy Now’ button.

Based on the billing cycle, I recommend selecting annual plan and then search for your new domain, and if it is available then pressing “Add to Cart”. Next, you need to provide them billing and email account information and create account’s password.

MilesWeb Hosting Review
MilesWeb Hosting Review

If you are using some other hosting provider, you can migrate your website free of cost. Finally, you will get an interface of ‘Configurable Options’.

MilesWeb AddOns Services

If you want to enable any of the below add-ons services, you need to pay some extra price.

      1. Hacking Alert Monitor.
      2. SiteLock Basic.
      3. Sitemap Generation.
      4. Google Analytics Integration.
      5. Google WebMaster Account and Site Verification.
      6. Facebook Business Page Setup.
      7. Free Live Chat Software.

After filling out all your account details and selecting add-ons features you will see your final cart total and for proceeding forward, click on the ‘Confirm’ button and place your order. Complete your payment details for Check Out.

MilesWeb Hosting Review
MilesWeb Hosting Review

Click Here – (it will redirect to you for check out)

You will get emails from MilesWeb for payment confirmation and about account setup information.

Initially, you will not be able to use domain right away because the DNS proposition will take some time, normally takes 1 to 15 minutes or it will take up to 48 hours.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress ! MilesWeb Hosting Review


Welcome to web hosting competition. Now, what is the best web hosting? In survey of many people, it has been found what the customers tested and watched the performance of three different hosting companies.

      • iPage.comThey have competitive pricing, provide free domain and free SSL but the longest average low speed of 7.2.
        • Support 60%
        • Price90%
        • Speed30%
      • DreamHost’s pricing is pretty competitive. They’re actually pretty cheap. They have really good customer service however when you call their customer service they’re always trying to sell you stuff and to me that’s really annoying. Average loading speed of 3.8.
        • Support 85%
        • Price 90%
        • Speed80%
      • They have free domains, free SSL. Their pricing is very good and I recommend it. They have a hundred percent uptime. The best load speed of 3.5 seconds, a very fast server response time as well and these results are quite awesome. They’re consistent. Their loading speed is one among the best hosting companies.
        • Support100%
        • Price90%
        • Speed 95%

They optimize your website performance with varnish cache. It will be a wise decision for you to choose as a companion in your online journey.


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