How to select a good domain name for your business

How to select a good domain name for your business

How to select a good domain name for your business: Selecting a good domain name is very important thing as it represents who you are. Choosing a domain name is same as choosing a company name. It requires more thinking and consideration.

Your domain name is your unique identity on the web. So, you should be aware while selecting the domain name for your business. So, let’s discuss everything about domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the virtual Internet address of a company or an individual. Each active domain name is an Internet Protocol (IP) address used by computers to communicate with each other. As it is easier to memorize a name, the Internet is sprinkled with Domain Name Service (DNS) servers that make it possible to “translate” a domain name into an IP address. Let me explain in brief about domain names. A domain name is the address of your website which is accessible from different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. If I draw a parallel with the physical world, your domain name would be like your store, your business. Choosing your domain name is therefore of foremost important because your readers will talk about your business by communicating your domain name. Same way it is important for all influential people who will talk about your website. A domain name is necessarily the domain and its extension. That’s why, when you order a domain name, you pay for each extension.

How to select a good domain name for your business

There are two types of domain names:

1) “Generic” domain names:

.com: most popular extension, for individuals and businesses.

.net: extension for structures related to the Internet

.org: extension adapted to non-commercial structures

.edu: extension adapted to educational structures

.info: an extension adapted to information sites

.biz: extension adapted to e-commerce

.name: extension usually used by individuals

.mobi: extension adapted to sites searchable from a mobile device.

These domain names are not specifically associated with a geographic area.

2) “Geographical” domain names:

.eu: extension for individuals and companies with an address in one of the member countries of the European Union

.in: extension for individuals and companies with a valid postal address in India.

There are approximately 250 geographic extensions.

For example, for France, this code is “.fr”, for Belgium “.be”, etc.

Which extensions to choose?

.com: extension is most commonly used on the internet; it aims to designate a commercial site. There is no special requirement to register a domain with this international suffix.

.in: If you are physically located on India then it is also essential to file .in extension. Thus, no one will be able to use a name identical to yours with .in suffix and your site will be easier to find. If you live in another country, then of course choose the appropriate extension. Do not confuse the filing of a domain name with the filing of a trademark.

Who manages domain names and where to buy them?

There are many ways to reserve a domain name. However, it is important to purchase your domain from an ICANN accredited registrar. ICANN is an organization that controls all extensions. The opening of any new extension is therefore subject to its approval. ICANN delegates the management of each extension to an organization called Registry, which has a purely technical role. Each registry authorizes registrars to sell domain names. Registrars have a commercial role. You must therefore purchase a domain name only from an ICANN accredited registrar. Also, to find out if you are the real owner of the domain after buying it, do a Whois check. This is important because agencies can buy the domain name for you without you being the owner.

Where to buy your domain name?

Above all, know that it is important to have your own domain name. Opting for a free domain name, at free for example, would be a serious mistake. The solutions to reserve a domain name are not lacking. It is important to purchase your domain from an ICANN accredited registrar. The choice of the supplier will be mainly on the price as the services they offer are almost identical. However, also do a research on their benefits before your final choice:

The reputation of the company;

The Quality of customer support (by email, phone …)

The language of the interface;

The choice of proposed extensions

Transferability from another registrar

The possibility of an automatic renewal

I suggest you to buy your domain names from renowned companies that already manage many domain names. Note that you can purchase your domain name separately from the hosting. In this case, you keep all your freedom to change host when you want to but always keep the same name.

For example, Hostripples, a popular web hosting company that provides domain names of your choice at cheap cost.

What if you couldn’t find a domain name of your choice?

If you cannot find a new domain name, you can opt for an expired domain name. An expired domain is a domain that is available because it has not been renewed by its owner. This choice can be very beneficial if you find one that has seniority, a good name that suits to your business, got many quality back-links, and corresponds to your field of activity. Before you decide, it is important to do a complete analysis on the expired domain name, on its obtained back links. If you are unsure about booking this type of domain name, then you can take help from professionals.

Checking availability of the domain name:

How to select a good domain name for your business
How to select a good domain name for your business

After you have established your list of keywords related to your area of ​​activity and your positioning, you must check the availability of the domain name. To do this research quickly, you can proceed in stages.

  • Go for example on
  • Enter the desired domain without the extension.
  • Take note of the available domain names according to the desired extensions.

Follow the same procedure with all your keyword combinations until you find the domain name of your choice. Note that domain names are not available for lifetime, they have to renew when its allotted time period ends. A domain name generally reserves for a minimum duration of 1 year. You will have to renew your purchased domain name every year to keep it. However, the registration period of a domain name can be up to 10 years.

How long do you have to reserve your domain name?

This will be according to your budget and the type of sites you want to put online. For example, for an event site, one year is more than enough. In the case of a business site, it will be up to you to see the proposed promotional offer (discount offered depending on the number of years of registration).

How to choose a domain name?

Finding a perfect domain name for your business is not easy! This name will follow you for many years. It is therefore important to make a wise choice from the start so you do not have to redo all your communication .The domain name you choose will be a key element for your business , a way to be unique, to be different from your competitors. Choosing a domain name will require you to think and take a step back before your final choice.

The question is: for the domain name, is it necessary to use a name including keywords related to your activity or a brand name? Logically, you could think that the insertion of keywords in the domain name is an asset for SEO. And conversely, it makes much more sense to use a brand name of a single word to facilitate communication. Choose a domain name representative of its activity. You know that a web page gets a place in the search results of Google according to the key phrases in it.

A few years ago, the presence of a keyword in the domain name was often a determining factor for its ranking in Google or other engines. This is no longer the case since 2012. Having a domain name keywords has no longer real impact on the SEO of a website on these keywords. In addition, knowing that your visitors will express many other queries to find you, this solution is ultimately not that attractive.

For example, if a user searches on the keyword phrase “website hosting“, it will more naturally click on a domain name constituted with the terms of its search ““. The optimization of the domain name for SEO is no longer relevant; the choice of terms must have a complementary role to your positioning.

Choose under domain or directory

A subdomain is a form of extension of a domain name that precedes a domain name. Subdomains are used to split a site into several distinct sections, each with a well-defined address. A directory is a folder that can store web pages. Directories are used to split the contents of a single website into several sections.


With a subdomain:

With a directory:

Let’s discuss about few tips before you purchase a domain name:
  1. Use your name:

Your clients are hiring you not your big company or a business; but they are hiring you and you are a big part of hiring process decision. So while using a domain name, don’t use the domain name related to the subject of your website. My advice is to go with your name.

For Example: Assume that your website is based on cooking and if you register a domain name for it as: www. cookingstudio .com then instead of using only cookingstudio .com, prefix your name or initials of your name to it. Because cookingstudio doesn’t imply that who is the chef and which dishes are you talking about? Now consider that if you are a well known artist then when you prefix your name to it then people will automatically understand who the artist is and to which style is he related. So use a domain name as: www. yournameartstudio .com

  1. Keep it as short as possible:

Don’t add the specific name related to your websites subject to your domain name unless there is another person using your name if it is well known for something else. Even then instead of adding specific words to the domain name consider using as .specific name extension. For example: assume that your website is related to pizza delivery then you can use domain name as: www. yourdomainname .pizza

  1. No numbers or hyphens:

Because these things might confuse people, if you are using number in your domain name, they don’t know what it is? A numeral 5 or spelled out five? Try not to mention (-) dash.

For Example: – Assume that your domain name is www. pizza-2-eat .com. Now in this case there people may confuse about whether to enter a numeral 2 or a spelled out 2, also may forget to add the dash.

  1. Use private registration:

When you purchase a domain name, you require providing a quite few details like your address, email and phone number. This information is actually added to the publicly searchable database called the “Whois”. So if you want to keep your address and phone number private and don’t want it to be added in this database, then there is a service which you can use for this. That service is called private registration which keeps your information private, but off course there is an additional expense for this service.

  1. Use domain names which are easy to remember as well as easy to pronounce:

Even though the visitor’s are not going to pronounce your domain name loudly, still it is important to have a pronounceable domain name, because if the domain name is not too hard to pronounce then it is easier to remember.

For Example: – Assume that your domain name is very difficult to spell out and if people continuously spell out your domain name wrongly then that much traffic will be lost because they are not able to find you!

  1. Don’t use Exact match domains:

Google has provided an update on EMD or Exact Match Domains in September 2012 which states that “Exact Match domain” is used as filter for preventing poor quality sites from ranking well because they contained words which matches with the search terms in their domain names.

As per the new fresh EMD Update all the websites which have improved their content may reclaim the good rankings. Thus new websites having poor content or which have been previously missed due to Exact Match Domain will get caught.

There is one more term popularly used relevant to domains, it is called domain reselling. First, let’s see who is called a Domain Reseller?

Domain Reselling

A mediator or a third Party business which offers or provides domain name services through a domain registrar is known as a domain reseller.

Reasons why you should start the domain reseller business:

If you like to buy lot of domains then you can get them for cheap prices as well as you will be able to earn money by selling them at high prices. As mentioned above, to make money! You can easily earn money in $50 to $100 per month or $50 to $100 per week but as a domain reseller, you would be able to resell all the products and services that you will get with domain name i.e. the domain registration.

You can resell all the different products that come under the web hosting. Every product that comes under your new domain reseller business is a commissionable product. You would get a percentage of every single sale from your store.

Windows Reseller Hosting

Like a domain registrar you can act as a domain reseller that can also register the domain, renew the domain and manage the domains. You will be able to host the websites which are associated with these domain names.

You can create promo codes or different special offers and coupons for different occasions for reselling your domain names. Whatever pricing you have set for all your products is under control within your domain business. Therefore, you can say that being a domain reseller is one of the best ways in which you can earn money online.

Let me tell you how you can become a domain reseller:

  • Go to There is a link for domain reseller.
  • As soon as you click this option you will be directed to the “Domain Reseller” interface.

At Hostripples, you will be able to register almost all the domain extensions which are in demand like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .in and lot more with this domain reseller account.

Using this Domain Reseller account you can easily register domain names for almost all type of domain extensions on your own. Also, you can set your own pricing for those domains and further sell them to your clients for earning the profit.


When people think of a website domain, they just think that their business name with .com extension. But there are more things to be considered while finalizing it. Take help from above points and choose your best domain name which will give your business a lot of success and growth in future.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you liked it. If you have any doubts please comment below.


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