6 Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers Compared In 2022

Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers
Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

The web hosting you run your WordPress site significantly impacts its speed and performance. However, with so many companies claiming they’re the best fastest WordPress hosting providers, how can you choose which one to use?

In addition to performance, it is critical to analyze the pricing and features offered by each plan. It might be time-consuming to investigate and compare them all, so we’ve done a lot of the hard work ahead of time to make your job easier.

List Of The Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers:

Several hosting providers to select from, each with different services and features. We’ve chosen some of the more fascinating ones.

They provide reliable customer service and help and good security and backups.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is our top Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers, owing to their premium-level service at unbelievably low pricing.

Many people may doubt Hostinger since the conventional belief is that low pricing equals low-grade quality, but believe me when I say that this little Lithuanian company can easily run circles around the competition.

Hostinger boasts good server response speeds in the US West (75 ms), US East (21 ms), and Canada (37 ms). London, Germany, So Paulo, and Japan also had good times, with 92 ms, 107 ms, 136 ms, and 172 ms, respectively.

Slowdowns first appeared in Singapore, Bangalore, and Sydney, with times plunging below 200 ms, which isn’t too bad considering the distance.

At only $3.99 a month (with their 48-month plan), you get a lot of features for your money—100 GB SSD storage, free domain name, SSL certificates, 99.95% uptime guarantee.

How Good is Hostinger for WordPress?

You may find it particularly impressive how simple it is to operate WordPress with Hostinger.

With their 1-click setups, installing WordPress is a breeze right away. As long as they know their ABCs, we’re sure that someone with little to no expertise can set up their WordPress with Hostinger.

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The service assures that they are always up to date with WordPress, so you are always on the most recent versions with them. The shared hosting accounts are also custom-optimized to give some of the fastest loading speeds we’ve ever seen!

With 7 data centers, Hostinger is an excellent hosting company for WordPress websites, with benefits like speeds and prices.

Hosting shared services do not include free daily backups, but they do have free weekly backups, which is reasonable given the price. In addition, to benefit from their affordable costs, you must join up for a longer period.

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2. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is the world’s best and fastest WordPress hosting provider. AccuWeb Hosting is a high-quality and affordable WordPress hosting service. AccuWeb’s cost-effective options make it ideal for WordPress users. Above all, the new features enable AccuWeb to reach consumers in far-flung locations.

You can create a professional website for as little as $9.99 a month. AccuWeb also offers the most excellent WordPress themes for making your WordPress site attractive.

AccuWeb is essential for WordPress hosting since it is dependable, scalable, and versatile.

AccuWeb WordPress Hosting Features:

  •   Pre-installed WordPress.

WordPress is pre-installed on all of our WordPress Hosting options. So you can concentrate on your company while they manage your WordPress site.

  •   Easily Scalable WordPress Hosting

You may effortlessly adjust the resources of your WordPress Hosting plan to suit traffic spikes at any moment, without any downtime.

  •   Managed WordPress Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting assures maximum security, optimal performance, updates, backups, and the many other regular maintenances and optimization activities that a WordPress server requires.Assistant from WordPress Expert – Phone(tier 1), Chat (tier 1 + tier 2) & Ticket.

  •   Optimised WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress site’s performance is important. With this in mind, AccuWeb Hosting includes a fully optimized WordPress installation with every sale. (Isolated WordPress Accounts, Litespeed, LSCache, Low Density of Hosting Accounts, Fewer Clients on a Server).

  •    Full Access of Source Code

You will have complete access to your WordPress installation’s source code and database. You may administer them via FTP and a control panel in addition to the WordPress interface.

  •   WordPress for Beginners

AccuWeb WordPress professional staff is available to help you start your business, from a small scale to a large scale WordPress website, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional Features You’ll Love

  •   Location of the Hosting Server

AccuWeb Hosting has servers in several different places. As a result, you may begin your WordPress strategy in the most convenient position for your target audience, and Accuweb WordPress Hosting load time is 261ms.

  •   Daily, you get a free backup.

AccuWeb provides a free daily backup to all WordPress Hosting plans, regardless of the plan or term of service.

  •   Fully managed support.

A team of highly qualified WordPress professionals is available to you 24/7 for your peace of mind. AccuWeb promises a quick resolution time on all tickets.

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3. Bluehost

Bluehost is the most usable and reputable WordPress hosting company, with uptimes of up to 99.96 percent and load times of up to 584 milliseconds.

Bluehost is well-known among WordPress users for a few simple reasons: It’s reasonable and powerful. Most of the time, there are no performance problems.

Bluehost is also WordPress.org officially recommends. Their plans also include free SSL certification, a staging environment, and simple WordPress features to install.

Furthermore, Bluehost has a large community, so whatever problem you have with the hosting already has a solution. Even if this isn’t enough to tempt you, there’s also 24/7 customer assistance that is always really helpful.

Bluehost is also Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers, and it provides you with all of the fundamental capabilities you’ll need to run your site right away.

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If you choose the 12-month plan, Bluehost’s beginning pricing is $2.95/month.

Furthermore, the renewal fees for this plan are $9.99 each month. Also, the hosting companies offer 30 days a money-back guarantee.

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4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has an impressive and highly competitive uptime record of 99.98 percent with a loading time of 299 milliseconds. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of A2 Hosting for WordPress hosting makes the plan even more apparent and liked.

A2 Hosting claims to be 20 times faster than your current hosting provider, which is a strong claim. 

However, the veracity of this claim can only be established once you begin utilizing their services.

Furthermore, their services include free SSL certification, Cloudflare CDN, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 GB SSD storage. You also have the option to change your Hosting whenever you wish. They are available to you by live chat and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you book their Hosting for 36 months, the cheapest, most economical WordPress hosting plan that they provide is priced at $2.99/month. The hosting renewal would cost you $10.99 per month.

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Here’s where A2 Hosting truly shines: they provide unlimited email accounts and website transfers at a low rate. Furthermore, their optimized several and free site migrations add value to the products they provide.

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5. DreamHost

DreamHost is yet another reliable, affordable, and dependable WordPress hosting service on the market today.

DreamHost was formed to provide freelancers and businesses with the ability to create an online presence at a low cost.

Furthermore, because DreamHost is on our list, it has several features. DreamHost has it all, from VPS to cutting-edge Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers.

DreamHost’s performance is awe-inspiring given that it provides such fantastic services at such reasonable prices.

DreamHost includes WordPress pre-installed, and it comes with a free Jetpack premium membership. There are also more security advantages to using WordPress’s Web Application Firewall (WAF).

DreamHost also comes with a low-cost platform that ranks among the best WordPress hosting companies.

DreamHost’s Basic package begins at $16.95/month for its target population. This subscription comes with one site, 10,000 monthly visits, 5 GB of storage space, and other features.

There is also a Plus Plan at $24.95/month and a Pro Plan for $71.95/month. DreamHost also offers numerous low-cost shared plans that you may use to improve the online performance of your WordPress site.

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6. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is a hosting company that provides various hosting services such as shared, VPS, reseller, and WordPress hosting. Because it is a relatively new hosting company on the market, it is the least popular.

The shared hosting package assists the organization is positioning itself as a provider of 99.99 percent uptime assurances. ChemiCloud, like any other hosting service, provides several useful free features. ChemiCloud’s shared hosting is the most popular of the different hosting options it offers.

They provide fundamental functionality for any hosting business, with a few things that set them apart. The most notable aspect is its promised speed, hat masks its high prices and other negative sides.

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The web hosting starting package is $3.95 per month and includes 15 GB SSD storage space and one website. Web Hosting Pro costs $6.95 a month and consists of a 25 GB SSD. Web hosting Turbo costs $10.95 per month and includes a 35 GB SSD.

All of these subscriptions provide unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

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Do you have any questions on the Best Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers? Let’s mention them in the comments section below!


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