How to start a Travel Blog? Complete guide 2023

How to start a Travel Blog

If you would like to turn into an electronic nomad or long-term traveler, or are thinking about going on a long journey, you could be considering starting a travel site. In this article i will tell How to start a Travel Blog.

Some folks think to start a brand-new site (and understanding how to market it) is simple and it may pay your travel expenses in a month or two. Other men and women are totally overwhelmed at the potential and do not know where to get started.

I am here to state that beginning a travel site is neither simple nor impossible; should you’ve got the ideal advice, you can become an effective travel blogger.

How To Do SEO For a Travel blog

Within this informative article, I summarize all the steps that you will need to begin your trip site, in addition to a few more innovative things to think about, such as monetization.

The very first thing to do if you begin your trip blog is to choose your site’s brand identity.

In this section, I will outline some hints about the best way best to pick your specialty and viewers, and how to name your own site, in addition to some errors I made when I first began.

Select Domain name and Hosting Server:

Either it’s a travel blog or any other niche blog you need few things as mandatory.

Domain Name You can buy for any of the domain name providers or even you can go for a subdomain which is nothing but Web2.0 websites. But I would suggest you to go for a custom domain name because it’s good for the long run and grab your reader’s attention.

Tips To select Domain Name:

  • A Domain name should reflect the niche. Try to include travel word in the domain name.
  • Try to make the domain short like 2 to 3 words, because it’s easy to remember.
  • Buy .com or your country specific domains.,, etc. Don’t buy .xyz, .online etc.
  • Buy domain name which is SEO Friendly.

Tips to Select Hosting Server:

  • Your website speed depends on the server configuration so try to buy a good configuration server like 2 or 4 cores; RAM should be 2GB or more.
  • You can go for cloud or VPS hosting if you can afford it.
  • Always buy hosting from branded or authorized hosting providers like A2Hosting, Hostripples, etc.

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Select Your Niche

Travel blogs are a dime a dozen; just about anyone who takes off on a lengthy excursion has dreams of regaling the planet with their stories of traveling — and making some money in it.

To be able to distinguish yourself from those masses and create your site worth seeing, find a market you are interested in researching which you’ve got (or can profit ) some experience in.

As soon as you’ve got a market, stick with it this can help folks see you as a professional. Additionally, the more relevant your content will be to your own market, the more loyal your (relevant) audience is going to be to you.

In creating your market, you are also going to be creating a target market. You cannot be everything to everyone; if you become noticed by a specific section of the populace, you stand to become much better-understood total than if you attempt to appeal to everyone.

And in the future, monetizing and obtaining Sponsorship’s will be much simpler when it is possible to specify your audience.

What parameters your content should have to start a travel blog?

Just post awesome content.
Your content should be loved by the search engine as well as your readers.

Let me tell you a few important parameters which should be followed while you are drafting or posting your content on your travel blog or website.

  • The content should be fresh and unique.
  • As it’s a travel blog so you must express your content as per your experience.
  • The content should be fully optimized, I mean the content should fulfill the requirement of the search engine as well your readers so you must think about the on-page SEO parameters along with readability point of for your reader’s perspective.
  • Write shareable content on your website, and ask your readers to share the content and experience among other people.
  • Don’t just copy-paste other’s article or re-write other’s articles on your website.

You should follow these parameters if you want to know how to start a travel blog.

How often you should post an article on your travel blog?

It all depends on your comfort but for an SEO point of view, you should be consistent while posting an article on your blog.
You can choose any frequency like

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Daily more than 1 or 2
  • Weekly 2 or 3

No restriction at all, but the article should go to your website, this will help you to get more traffic, and as it’s a fresh content so you will get priority from the search engine bots.

How to do SEO for a travel blog?

How To Do SEO For a Travel blog

This is the last step to perform once you travel website is ready. You can find millions of travel blogs over the internet, so what is the possibility that your blog will come on the 1st page of Google/Bing to get organic traffic, so here SEO comes into the picture. I would suggest you to do the basics of SEO to get exposer in search engines.

Focus on On-Page SEO while drafting your article. And perform off-page SEO like blog commenting on similar niche websites, social shares, document submissions, link building, etc. These SEO activities will help you to build good repo and increase the domain authority of your website.

Final Words

Let me summarize the concept in few words, If you want to start a travel blog you need to buy a domain and a hosting. Design a beautiful user friendly website with a good navigation bars.

Write your own genuine content as per your experience, put original images, write detailed blog in depth by covering small points also. And put your effort in SEO also to get better exposer in search engines.

Hope this article on how to start a travel blog, complete guide was useful for you if yes feel free to share with your friends.

You can comment your feedback or suggestion in the comment box we do love feedback from our readers.



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