2023 How to start a money making blog

How to start a money making blog

How to start a money making Blog: A blog can be one of the best platforms where you can share some interesting or useful stories with the audience. Just like a vlog video on Youtube, a blog is a website where you mostly share some interesting stories. Also, the same technique is followed to earn from a blog and a vlog. Hence, today we will have a detailed overview of how to start a money making blog.

How to start a money making blog

The very important element regarding earning from a blog is that you need to have a passion for writing. Just like the YouTube videos, you need to tell your stories to the world through written words.

You won’t start earning from the very beginning, hence the passion of writing will be one of your inspirations to scribble down your content every single day. In the initial time, you need to have patience and dedication until the time you start earning from your blog.

So now you know that the main answer for how to start a money making blog is the passion for writing, let us move to the other elements regarding the strategy of earning from your blog.

How to select a blog niche

Taking about the YouTube platform, you will find multiple videos on various topics. Some channels are dedicated to technology information while some prefer comedy. In most of the channels, you will find videos on a particular category. If I talk about “Technical Guruji“, then his niche is technology, while the niche for “T-Series” is music.

Even for your blog, you need to decide which niche suits you the best. Your blog should hold information about a certain niche so that your viewers know that you are an expert in a certain category. Posting content on various niche can be done by sub-categorizing your blog, but that I would suggest you do after achieving proper traffic.

Have a specific niche will allow you to have readers who are actually interested in it. Also, in the future, you can approach related brands for brand promotion on your blog. Make sure you do not start writing content on a certain niche that you are not interested in. The content will be added for a long time so without your interest, you won’t be able to write similar content in the future.

Try to gather all the trendy information related to your niche this will help you to write catchy and trendy content that your audience will actually find interesting.

Now that you have decided on your niche, let us find out how you can build your website.

How to select a Domain name

Choosing your domain is one of the trickiest parts of the site. You need to make sure that the domain must reflect the idea of your blog. Before you decide to go with a certain name, you need to check whether it is available or not.

You can easily check the availability of the domain on any of the domain purchasing platforms such as the A2 domain or GoDaddy. The better domain name will help you to improve your rank on search engines. Also, it increases the traffic on your blog which can be a massive strategy for how to start a money making blog.

How to select a Web Hosting

When someone asks me about how to start a money making blog, then the first thing I suggest is to get a good hosting service. The dedication and hard work you are putting doing for your content definitely need attention. When you have a great niche along with a perfect domain name, you have a high chance to attract readers. Generally, hosting plays a vital role to make your audience have a smooth and great experience on your blog.

The content and all the information that you publish on your blog is stored on a server, and the speed of your content being loaded depends on the quality of the hosting service. It has been found that you lose 75% of the audience if your site takes more than 2 seconds to open.

That 75 is a massive percentage and it highly impacts your earning. Therefore, the investment that you make for your domain and hosting definitely needs to be worth it. It is also the case where free websites lack behind. If you were planning to go with a free website then with such a site you can never earn through ads.

The only way you can earn from free websites is by brand promotion. Also, brand promotion wants the site to have massive traffic. In free hosting, the site won’t be able to hold a larger amount of traffic. Also, it has been witnessed that sometimes your content might get deleted when it comes to free websites.

The following are some of the best hosting providers which have a great performance in terms of speed and quality.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is popular for the extreme speed and as one of the most reliable WordPress Hosting. Since the speed offered by the hosting service providers are one of the major factors to boost the growth of your audience. Hence, A2 Hosting provides really high speed with a load time of a few milliseconds. Investing in good hosting service is really important and hence I would suggest that A2 Hosting can be one of the best choices.

The A2 hosting Turbo server provides 20x more speed than the traditional hosting which can work perfectly for high traffic websites. The free SSD storage has the potential to boost the performance of your site.

Whether you are familiar with coding or not, you get both the option of Linux and Windows hosting. Now one of the best features is that you get a 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, the updated terms and condition has offered an anytime money-back guarantee for its customers.

If you looking for a reliable and popular hosting provider, then you can go with the A2 hosting service provider. You can also purchase your domain with A2 hosting which makes it easy to get all your requirements at a single place.

SiteGround Web Hosting

One of the best features of SiteGround Hosting is that its prices are suitable for every individual and organization. The various plans offer a proper quality of service which can be suitable for both startups and well-based companies. You also get a 1-month trial period where you only need to pay for the setup. There are hardly any other providers that offer unlimited visitors at such a decent price.

The uptime offered by SiteGround is 100% along with a high speed which is provided through the use of SSD disk, SG optimizer, and many more. No matter in which continent you belong, you can choose your server from any of the continents to experience a great quality.

Whether it be the rates or the quality of the service, you get the best with SiteGround. Now if you are actually been asking how to start a money-making blog, then purchasing SiteGround hosting can be a vital part of it.

Hostripples Hosting

This is the last option for the list of best hosting service providers. Though it is in the last, that does not mean that it is not good. Compared to those big names who are constantly running a paid promotion for their services, Hostripples is a much better option.

This can be one of the most reliable and cheapest hosting services. If you are someone who has a trust issue then you can purchase HostRipples plan starting from Rs 35 per month and later on decide whether you want to stick with HostRipples or not.

There is a 99.9% chance that you will love the quality of the service offered by HostRipple. Also, it is pretty amazing that hosting providers are providing such an amazing service at such a decent price. Generally, you get a good variety of plans from shared to dedicated which you can choose according to your requirements. You also get a fully managed CMS which can allow you to easily set up your website.

Whether it be the email hosting, technical support, or the lightning-fast SSD, with HostRipple you definitely get the best service.

Now that you have been aware of what domain and hosting actually mean, you can proceed with any of the service providing companies listed above. Generally, the three names that have been listed above are highly recommended by WordPress and also many famous bloggers have been using their services.

WordPress Installation

Now that you have invested in the domain and good hosting service, you need to set up your website. Whether it be a technical or a non-technical individual, WordPress has been recommended by every single user. For people who are aware with the technical activities, WordPress can work as the best assistance for you. Also, for non-technical individuals, WordPress allows you to easily set up your site with a simple drag and drop option.

After you purchase your hosting service, you will get an option of WordPress installation. It simply means that your site will work on the WordPress interface. Let us have a look over the WordPress installation on SiteGround. The steps on other platforms are actually similar to WordPress installation on SiteGround.

WordPress Installation on SiteGround

Once you login to your account on SiteGround, visit the CPanel dashboard. After you enter the CPanel dashboard, you need to scroll down and click on the WordPress icon. Now the preloaded scripts will be loaded after which you need to click on the “Install” option. You also need to choose whether your site is offered by an SSL certificate or not. If you do not have an SSL certificate then you can go to the next heading to see the steps for free SSL certificate.

Now you need to enter all the necessary details such as site title, username, password, and other basic information. You also get the options to add plugins that you can skip for now. Lastly, tick on the “WordPress Starter” option and click on the “Install” option.

After a couple of minutes you will see that the process has been completed. Also, you will get notified through the email that you have added while installing. The link which has been generated, from there you can design the website and work on the content for the blog.

Free SSL Certificate

In most of the cases, you get a free SSL certificate while purchasing your domain. If you did not get an SSL certificate while purchasing domain then you can pay some extra amount to get an SSL certificate. Basically, an SSL certificate is a certificate that declares your site to be safe and you can be sure that no website data will be exposed for hackers.

If you go with a free SSL certificate, then you need to renew it every 90 days. Basically, a paid SSL certificate is more reliable than a free SSL certificate. With SiteGround you get a free SSL certificate when you purchase services from the organization. For a free SSL certificate, you can visit Cloudflare, ZeroSSL, and Let’s Encrypt. Basically, these 3 platforms are the most trusted and popular for free SSL certificates. You just need to enter your domain and after following some easy steps offered by the platform you will get a free SSL certificate for your blog.

WordPress Themes

With WordPress, you get a good variety of free themes that makes your site really attractive. In free themes, you mostly get a basic interface with a simple user interface which might not be too attractive compared to some paid themes.

Now if you ask me, how to start a money making blog then the second suggestion would be to make it really attractive. No matter how useful your content is unless you offer attractively your audience will leave your site and won’t visit it again and again. The user interface plays a major factor in making your readers hooked up with your blog.

Apart from domain and hosting, the next great investment will be to go with a Newspaper Theme for your blog.

Without even being a website designer, you can easily make your site beautiful and showcase it like a magazine. It also helps you to switch your audience from one content to another. Also, you will get a fully SEO optimized blog that will be properly suitable for both mobile and desktop. The newspaper theme has been one of the most popular themes and it is definitely worth every single penny.

WordPress Admin

After installing WordPress, you can easily login through the valid username and password. In the left section, you will see multiple options such as settings, dashboards, comments, pages, posts, and a lot more.

In the post section, you can add various articles along with images and videos. You also get RANK MATH plugin which I would highly recommend to fully optimize your content. Make sure that you have a minimum of 20 articles after which you can promote your blogs on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

From the page section, you can properly segregate the pages that you want to be there on your blog. Whether it be updating the content or adding interesting videos and images, you can easily design your page with WordPress.

How to apply for Google Adsense

Now the most important part of how to start a money making blog is through Google Adsense. I have recommended the various Hosting providers and also I have suggested having at least a minimum of 20 content is because lacking these features might reject your application for Google Adsense. Also, the designing of your site and whether it is optimized or not plays a major factor for your application to get rejected or selected.

Now if you have a good amount of content, along with a properly optimized blog, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: – Visit the Google Adsense website

Step 2: – Submit your blog URL. along with your email. Tick on the “customized help and performance suggestion” option for a better experience.

Step 3: – Now if you get approved, you need to submit your bank details along with your phone number and physical address.

Step 4: – You will get a code that will be delivered to your physical address.

After you submit the code, you will be eligible to get the payments from the ads shown on your blog. The application might take some 4-5 business days to get approved. Even if your application gets rejected, make all the necessary changes suggested by Google and reapply for the Adsense.


In the present day, the chance of a blog to attain a good amount of visitors has gone really high. By writing your content in the most interesting and informative you can get a good number of dedicated readers. With time you will go through various experiences that will give you more proper ideas for a blog to make work.

How to start a money making blog can actually be done by anyone no matter what kind of individual you are. All you need is a passion to write and with the time you will definitely turn in into a great business.


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