Why Hostripples is the best web hosting solution for hosting your website?

Hostripples Web Hosting Review

No matter whether you are an owner of a business or any firm or a blogger, a web hosting service is must for you without which your online presence is zero!

In simple words we can say that No website, no traceability, end result – Zero earning!

Thus selecting a right web hosting service provider for your website is a fundamental requirement for successfully growing your online business. You might think that selecting a right web hosting provider is quiet confusing, even if you are newly creating your website or if you are an experienced web master or a website owner and looking for a best web hosting provider for your website then you are reading a right article as I am going to recommend you a very affordable, reliable web hosting company – Hostripples!

I want to inform you that I have tested a number of web hosting providers but the way in which Hostripples has formulated easy and simple plans that no other web hosting provider can.

Why Hostripples is the best web hosting

In this article I am going to explain you why Hostripples is the best web hosting solution for hosting your website? Because Hostripples is cheap and reliable web hosting solution as compared to the competitors present in the market, in terms of price, technical support, various resources and services offered by them, Hostripples is considered as an excellent solution for everyone i.e. for the first-time site owners, or experienced web developers, or even to the small to medium businesses.

Hostripples servers are located in: India as well as Singapore, Canada, UK, France, and Poland and at other locations they provide Geo-IP location.

Hostripples provide different types of web hosting services like- Shared, VPS/Cloud, Email Hosting, and Fully Managed CMS Hosting and dedicated web hosting, Ecommerce and Marketing. Along with these services Hostripples also offers Domain name registration, Domain Transfer and many more services. Let’s see if you are looking for affordable web hosting provider then how Hostripples is best for you?

Why Hostripples is the best web hosting solution for hosting your website?

Hostripples was established in 2012 as a promising hosting solution which introduced cheap price and high performance in evolving hosting market. The system admins in Hostripples are highly qualified, experienced at the same time knowledgeable.

The biggest asset of them is their top class resources and technical support because Hostripples is one of those companies who consider resources and technical support as their first priority. They offer 24/7/365 days technical support and best resources, it is impossible to compare them with other web hosting providers.

Along with technical support they also provide FAQs related to each type of web hosting service, or knowledgebase articles which you can consider as a form of support.

I have faced some issues few times with them but their technical support team has quickly resolved the issue, every time. Thus if you select Hostripples for hosting your website then you will not have to worry about website down time.

As mentioned earlier the services and resources offered by Hostripples are of high quality but in some situation you might face any issue with their service, in that case you can claim for refund within first 30 days of signing up with Hostripples.

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Now in the next section I want to make you familiar with different web hosting services which are available at Hostripples. As mentioned earlier I have told you that they offer Shared, VPS/Cloud, Dedicated and Fully Managed CMS Hosting, E-commerce and Marketing etc. Each of these web hosting solutions provides different specifications and features.

Overview of Hostripples plans: Which plans to select?

I want to clear one important point here before moving ahead which is that, this article is going to be fair i.e. not biased. Without wasting time let’s look at the different services offered by Hostripples:

  • Shared Web Hosting:

In Shared Hosting number of websites are hosted on a single server, all the websites share the same resources like CPU, RAM and Web Space etc. therefore it is considered as a very cheap hosting. The Shared web Hosting offered by Hostripples is low cost i.e. starting from $1.46/month.

If you are a blogger then Shared Hosting is sufficient for you but if your website has more traffic and if you are looking for flexibility then VPS hosting is better option to go for. Dedicated server will be best option if your website is heavily loaded with content or database based or if your website is getting a lot of traffic etc.

Also if traffic to one website increases then it may affect the performance of other websites on the shared server like website slowing down or can crash completely. Hostripples offers Shared Hosting plans with both Plesk Control Panel and cPanel.

Different Shared Hosting services offered by Hostripples are: SSD Shared Hosting, Linux Shared Hosing, Windows Shared Hosting, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, JSP/Tomcat, Business Hosting, SEO Class C IP’s hosting.

  • VPS Web Hosting:

The VPS hosting is same as shared hosting in which more than one website share same server but each website gets its own dedicated resources like RAM, CPU or Web Space etc.

In VPS hosting each customer is separated from other customer and even if traffic to any other website spikes then also it will not affect the performance of your website. It is expensive than Shared Hosting. Pricing for VPS Web Hosting offered by Hostripples starts from $12/month.

Hostripples provides VPS Web Hosting, which guarantees you that you will enjoy the independent management over VPS that are securely protected by root level security passwords which are restricted only to customers.

Various VPS Web hosting solutions offered by Hostripples are: XEN VPS Server, High RAM Cloud Server, OpenVZ VPS Server, Linux SSD, Cloud VPS, cPanel Cloud VPS, cPanel SSD VPS etc.

  • Cloud Web Hosting:

A Cloud Hosting is a hosting service which utilizes the resources from different servers which are clustered together i.e. your website will use virtual resources of different servers for fulfilling all the needs of hosting your website. In this hosting hardware resources are available virtually, load is balanced appropriately, and security is looked after thus you can access any information from any place on the earth because everything is stored in cloud.

Hostripples offers Cloud Hosting services which are scalable, flexible and affordable i.e. starting from $28/month. If your website faces spike in traffic or resources, Cloud hosting can be advantageous to you.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting:

Dedicated web hosting is most powerful and expensive web hosting, which is beneficial for the websites that need a large amount of server resources.

Contrary to Shared and VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting client gets to use his own physical server and only he can control and manage this server. Thus the user can use all the resources for fulfilling his requirements.

Hostripples provides Dedicated Web Hosting services which are cheap i.e. starting from $140/month and works appropriately even during the peak hours. These servers are reliable and affordable as compared to the competitors on which you can host any number of websites. You can control your dedicated server with complete autonomy.

Various locations available for Dedicated Server are: Canada, USA, India, Singapore, UK, and Australia.

  • Fully Managed CMS Web Hosting:

The most popular CMS hosting services offered by Hostripples are as follows:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Magento Hosting
  • Drupal Hosting
  • Django Hosting
  • OS Commerce Hosting

WordPress or Drupal or Joomla or Magento or Django Hosting are for the users who have websites developed using any of these CMSs i.e. Content Management Systems.

In this hosting you will receive many website development tools; you can transfer your website from other web hosting provider. For example: WordPress Hosting offered by Hostripples is flexible, customizable as well as cheap i.e. starting from $1.96/month.

Hostripples offer Free Site Builder tool, which is based on drag and drop interface and used for building a website. With the help of this tool you can make lucrative websites and it is also useful for those who don’t want to look for a web host and CMS because Site Builder combines both of them.


  • Email Hosting:

If the objective of hosting your website is marketing or increasing brand value or web presence then Email Hosting is best option for you because it is appropriate way to reach out to potential customers and deliver your message or any file or any newsletter etc. Hostripples provide Email Hosting which costs $1/month. You will receive 5GB per Mail Box, Premium antivirus filter etc.

  • E-commerce and Marketing:

I want to tell you that the web hosting plans offered by different web hosting providers are not similar, few concentrate on security than others or few offer several email marketing tools or CDNs or third party compliance.

Hostripples offers E-commerce hosting solution for fully managing the E-commerce related websites starting from $1.96/month. It stands for open source commerce and it is a feature rich solution for small businesses. With the help of this web hosting solution you can create your own web store and start selling your products and services online. Along with this plan you will also receive SEO support.

Hostripples offers a feature rich hosting solutions at very cheap and affordable prices as compared to the competitors. Hostripples has achieved first rank in the web hosting market within a very short period of time because of the additional resources offered by them.

Following are the additional resources offered by Hostripples:

  1. Domain name registration as well as domain name transfer:

Hostripples offers domain registration as well as domain transfer services for their customers. You can register for new domain or you can use your existing domain name.

Currently, they are offering discount on the .com domain names i.e. for $1.99, if you buy any hosting package.

  1. Technical Support:

Hostripples provides 24/7/365 support to their customers and their technical support team is highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. Hostripples offers technical support via Phone, Live Chat and Email. The hosting experience with this team will be unforgettable for you, as their primary aim is to satisfy the customer.

  1. Lightning Fast SSDs:

A Lightning fast SSD storage is provided by Hostripples to their customers who handle the data effectively and efficiently than traditional HDD. SSD storage drive is a new technology which is faster than HDD and Hostripples offer them at cheap price.

SSD help in improving the speed and performance of your website because it doesn’t have the mechanical hands for reading and writing the data as seen in traditional HDD’s.

  1. Free Website Builder:

With the help of Website Builder you can easily build your websites because it offers a large number of templates to select from for building your website.

With the help of this tool you can easily create your own website i.e. just choose  a template design of your choice, Customize it as per your requirement and get online instantly after publishing it!!

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  1. Comparison of Hostripples with other web hosting providing services:

Hostripples offer cheap Shared Hosting starting from $1.46/month. Free Offsite Website Backups, Free Website Builder are offered by Hostripples but GoDaddy offers only paid website builder. Free domain Reseller program and In-build DDoS Protection is offered by Hostripples but none of other web hosts offer such a program to their customers.

Hostripples also offers free Malware Scan and removal, Free SEO Assistance, Instant chat response, Node.Js/ Perl/ Python support, CloudFlare CDN but it is not offered by most of the web hosts.

Please check the following screenshot showing the comparison of Hostripples with other web hosts:

Why Hostripples is the best web hosting
Why Hostripples is the best web hosting
6. 99.9% Server Uptime:

Hostripples guarantees 99.9% server uptime which is excellent for customers’ websites, so that they will not face problem related to website’s getting slow down. Websites will be always up and running. This indicates that Hostripples is very reliable web hosting service provider.

Number of web hosting companies swears to offer 99.9% uptime SLA but actually they do not have that kind of technology to achieve it and they depend upon destiny and offer minimum SLA to their customers.

But Hostripples sincerely and assuredly claim 99.9% Uptime SLA and it is supported by technology required to accomplish it and they are so firm in their platform that they are ready to refund 1 month free hosting to their customer if they face downtime in case of this policy.

7. No insecurities, 30 days money back guarantee:

Hostripples do offer 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not convinced, then you will get a refund of hosting fees within 72 hours of requesting it and thus you will not face any insecurity.

8. Increased Website Loading Speed:

Hostripples gives you an opportunity to select server location from different options. Their servers are located at India as well as Singapore, Canada, UK, France, Poland and at other locations they provide Geo-IP location. You can select your choice of server location according to your audience which will help in improving SEO ranking, loading speed and overall performance of your website.

9. Free Website Transfer from Other Web Hosting Providers:

Because of some reason, if you feel like transferring your website from your existing web hosting provider to Hostripples then their team of expert technicians will assist you in transferring your website free of cost and without any data loss. You just contact them through Phone, Chat or Email and they will help you.

10. Free Domain Reseller:

Hostripples offer Free Domain Reseller program to its customers with the help of which you can make money on both web hosting and domain reselling.  You will be registrar for your clients’ domains and you will fully control the other activities like renewing domain, protecting domain privacy etc.

11. Free website Setup:

When you sign up with Hostripples they will setup your account instantly and once it is set up, you will receive a welcome email containing details of your username and password.

12. One Click App Installation:

You can install number of different apps with one click installer or Softaculous offered by Hostripples.

What are the opinions of the customers regarding Hostripples?

Hostripples is a popular web hosting provider on the web. It is rare to find bad reviews about them.

Below you can see the customer ratings from the web regarding Hostripples:

customer rating for hostripples
customer rating for hostripples

Offers by Hostripples:

  1. Hostripples is offering discount for domain name registrations and 2. Get Flat 50% off on all Shared & Reseller Web Hosting. Use “BLOGEXPERT” coupon code for getting this discount, while signing up with Hostripples.

Final Epilogue on Hostripples:

Hostripples is a best web hosting Provider Company and it has really worked hard to reach here for every type of website. I would love to recommend you to host your website with Hostripples because it is really very cheap, affordable as well as reliable hosting service.

If you are looking for best web hosting service provider then do consider Hostripples and give your feedback regarding this article in the comment section below. I hope you find this article helpful! If you have any suggestions regarding web hosting then you are always welcome.

Thank you for reading the article!

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