Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting

Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting
Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are considered to be among the most powerful and reliable web hosting platforms today. Dedicated servers don’t require you to share your physical server space and other resources with anyone else. This feature makes it a much more efficient web hosting platform than shared mediums of hosting. Dedicated servers offer you uninterrupted hosting that is of top quality. These kinds of hosting services let you customize and personalize the hosting plans in a way that you get the maximum benefits out of them. Dedicated servers have some unique features that make them a highly efficient hosting platform.

Dedicated Server


When you opt for a shared server, you don’t get the liberty to choose the resources that will actually be beneficial to you. You have to compromise according to what the allotted plan is. But when you go for a dedicated server plan, you get to customize the plan to suit your needs. You only have to choose the resources that you actually need and pay only for those. This flexibility will avoid expenditure on unnecessary resources.


Shared servers cannot handle the ups and downs a website faces with the level of web traffic. On some occasions, you may face more web traffic and on others less. Dedicated servers allow you to easily cope with this scenario. You have the option to upscale your resources when web traffic is high and downscale it when it is relatively low. This is a great feature to make web hosting more economical and efficient.


With shared servers and some others, you may face the issue of downtime. When building up your business, you want to make sure you are reachable to your potential customers at all times. For this, your website has to be up and running 24*7. Dedicated servers increase the availability of your website and also bring downtime to almost zero.


Since there are no other websites influencing your website’s performance on your server you can expect a much more secure hosting. You don’t need to worry about other infected websites on your server infecting yours with malicious codes. Dedicated servers also come with firewall protection. This software scans every data that is being entered into your server. If at all any suspicious code is encountered, the firewall does not grant entry for it. This guarantees extra safety for your website.

Dedicated Server


You get a lot more admin control over your server than shared servers with dedicated servers. Since yours is the only website on the server, you can expect maximum control. You also get to decide how the server should function and make changes according to your needs. Even if any issue is encountered with your server, it will be very easy to locate the issue and fix it. Having great control over your server also lets you access your server easily.

Technical Support

It is very important to have good technical backup when it comes to web hosting. Most dedicated server plans will come with good technical support since it is a more advanced hosting platform. Although it is good to make sure the hosting company you have decided to opt for offers top-quality technical support. Look into whether their support team is available 24*7 and can be reached easily via call, mail, live chats, etc.

Dedicated Server


Users are usually under the notion that dedicated servers are not affordable. However, this is not true at all. Dedicated servers offer a wide range of services in comparison to other servers. Considering how much they offer, they are priced quite economically. In the long run, dedicated servers offer a lot more value for money than other servers.


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