Top nine habits that help your productivity in 2023

Top nine habits that help your productivity
Top nine habits that help your productivity

Productivity is a skill that most people are constantly trying to improve and working towards. Being productive can become very difficult, especially nowadays, when distractions can be found all around.

This article will guide you through the top nine habits that will increase your productivity, whether we’re talking about being productive at work or in other circumstances.

1. Use task tracking tools and create to-do lists

This first habit that you can take on is maybe one of the most basic productivity ‘hacks’, yet it is very effective, is to use task tracking tools.

Keeping track of what you have to do in a day/week will help you have a clear mind and focus on each task. This way you will constantly know what you have to do, as well as make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything.

Moreover, studies show that people get more motivated when they use to-do lists, as they get to physically see that they have accomplished several tasks, and that can be very rewarding.

2. Ask for help or delegate tasks

The most highly productive people know how to delegate work. This doesn’t mean that you should feel and act superior to others, it just means that, for you to be productive, you can ask for other people’s help.

Unless you’re conducting a one-man business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t ask for co-workers’ help when it comes to something that you feel like you can’t handle, or that you would just benefit from some help.

For example, if you want to hire someone, try to ask a talent management company to take care of that. This way, you get to do your daily tasks, while also making sure that someone will take good care of the entire hiring process.

3. Try not to multitask

Even though you might feel ambitious and want to accomplish as many things as you can at the same time, this may not be the best idea.

Keep tasks separate, even if it seems like you can do more than one at a time. Writers at one of the best essay writing services say that the best way of handling multiple tasks is to order them according to their priority, and then start working on each one. Do not start with the next task until the first one is done.

4. Keep personal time separate to work time

The next piece of advice is that you should never mix personal time with work time unless there’s something urgent.

For example, when you take time off work, don’t check your work-related emails, as you might end up actually working while on holiday. Unless there’s something urgent and must be there, you should keep personal time separate to work time.

If you do not do this, your personal time off might not be as relaxing as it needs to be, and you will get the suffocating feeling that you’re working all the time, which can lead to serious burnouts.

5. Remove possible distractions

When you start working, try to remove all the distractions around you. Try to put your phone on “do not disturb” mode, and only check it once in a while, or when you finish a task. If you work with your TV on, try to leave it on something that will not keep you off from working. Playing a movie or the news in the background will not help you focus, as you might easily get distracting by that.

6.Take breaks

To be fully productive, one must always take periodical breaks. Set yourself an amount of time in which you work, and after that, take a break in which you can do things unrelated to what you’ve just done for work. This will have a huge impact on your productivity and it will keep you feeling well at the end of your workday.

7.Take good care of yourself

We can’t talk about being a productive person if we don’t touch on this subject: taking good care of yourself. If you don’t make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, be active, you can’t expect that your mind will work at full potential. Taking care of yourself is the key to being as productive as you can be.

8. Don’t over plan and keep tasks realistic

You wake up in the morning, write down a long list of tasks that you want to do throughout the day, without considering that it is not actually doable. You end the day feeling bad that you haven’t managed to finish everything, and you feel like a disappointment.

The best way to handle planning is to always analyze the tasks and see how realistic it is to finish them in the time that you’ve dedicated to them. Try to not take more tasks than you know you can handle, and always remember that no one has superpowers.

9. Reward yourself

Last but certainly not least, remember to always put yourself first. Whenever you finish a task or accomplish something, make sure that you reward yourself. The ‘prize’ can be something small, like a coffee break or a piece of chocolate.

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