How Social Media Marketing Works In 2023



Social media trends will come and go, but social media as the main marketing channel is here to stay.

Whether you handle your own marketing or are working with a digital marketing agency, the best you can do is keep up with the trends if you want to see your social media marketing strategy succeed.

Your main focus should be to increase reach and engagement, as well as visibility on the social media platforms of your choice. Using the latest trends on social media to do this will give you a valuable edge against the competition.

In this article, we shall explore some of the most popular trends on social media in 2022, as well as how you can take advantage of them to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

  1. Work hard to build trust with your audience

2020 wasn’t a very good year for social media marketing. As physical channels struggled, thanks to the pandemic, all the money was funneled into digital channels.

The result was that social media saw increased noise, as well as more sophisticated marketing techniques. If you want to succeed in 2022, you will have to establish trust with your audience, and make empathy a core component of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Join the conversation on social issues

The pandemic brought with it a different set of rules for dealing with social issues. With increasing social unrest over different topics, being silent was not an option anymore.

Brands and their marketers need to be more vocal, at a corporate level, about different issues. This demonstrates that they have a stand, and helps them connect better with their consumers.

  1. Storytelling is till hot

Storytelling remains an important topic on social media. Brands that offer their audiences multiple options on how to consume their information will be winners in this atmosphere.

Podcasts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, email newsletters, and other channels are providing new ways to tell stories. There will be an increase in the use of these channels to boost marketing campaigns through storytelling.

Crafting the perfect stories isn’t easy though. You can get essay assistance from professionals to help you with it. With the right kind of skill and experience on your team, storytelling should be a breeze.

  1. Microcontent is growing popular

With video content on different platforms growing shorter, microcontent seems to be the order of the day. Snapchat Spotlight, Instagram Reels, and of course TikTok are at the helm of this trend.

Marketers will need to find ways to take advantage of these trends, including generating content that remains engaging while referring indirectly to their brand.

  1. New features on platforms being favored

On-platform features always get a boost from the relevant algorithms when they are first released. Take Instagram, for example: When IGTV came out, video posts made with the feature had more reach than posts made on the feed.

When stories came out, they had more reach, and so on. Every time large platforms release features, they present an opportunity for marketers to gain massive reach, as well as tweak their storytelling so it can be consumed in new ways.

As a marketer, you will gain an edge over your competition if you first find the platforms with the most beneficial features for your campaign and, second, constantly look for ways to fully utilize those features.

  1. People like brands more when they can see the faces behind them

Successful brands will need to highlight more of the faces behind them. This not only increases transparency but also humanizes it, earning the trust of your customers in the process. If you can, let those faces talk directly to your customers and audience, adding a feeling of authenticity into the mix.

  1. More devices will be integrated with social media

Smartphones won’t be the only way users can access social media going forward. Smart fitness mirrors, Tesla cars, smart fridges, and other smart hardware will make it possible for users to access their social media or share media with their network.

With the growth of 5G adoption and IoT devices, this trend can only head up. Marketers will have to find ways to take this into account when designing their campaigns, or they will soon be left behind.

  1. Tech and educational shops will increasingly get on TikTok and Instagram

When Instagram started, it was mainly geared toward sharing visual content. Tech explainers wouldn’t fit in with such a context. However, tech explainer videos with more details in the captions are becoming more and more popular on such platforms. Ditto on TikTok. This makes it easier to use such platforms to educate audiences and showcase tech products.


These trends represent some of the most popular ones for 2022. Prudent marketers should take full advantage of them to boost their brands and, ultimately, bottom lines.

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