6 The Best Web Hosting Companies For Beginners 2023

Best Web Hosting Companies For Beginners
Best Web Hosting Companies For Beginners

It might not be easy to get started with a WordPress website for the first time. With so many variables to consider, the last thing you want to do is waste time learning how to use your hosting account. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners.

Because WordPress is so popular, several hosting providers make it simple to set up and help a WordPress site without any technical skills.

We’ll provide you with an overview of our recommended beginner-friendly WordPress hosting companies in this article. Let’s get started!

What Makes For The Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners?

When compiling this list, we looked for the following criteria:

Website installers with a single click:

Installing WordPress, or whatever software you wish to use for your website, should be simple with beginner-friendly hosting. Typically, you’ll get a one-click installer that requires you to submit a few basic data and then the program will take care of the rest.

The dashboard that is simple to use:

You’ll utilize your hosting dashboard to handle other aspects of your hosting, such as email accounts, SSL certificates, backups, and more, in addition to the one-click installer.

All hosting on this list have created their own user-friendly custom hosting dashboards. These sorts of complex tasks, such as installing an SSL certificate to protect your site’s data, will be possible without any technical experience.

Useful features like email hosting:

Web hosting is much more than just hosting your website, and you’ll probably also want a personalized email address, such as you@yoursite.com. A beginner-friendly host should make creating and managing email accounts and other capabilities like domain management simple.


You generally don’t want to start with a costly host if you’re a beginner. You can always upgrade as your site grows, but it’s far preferable to start with a low-cost choice until you’ve figured out the ropes and what resources your site requires.

The majority of the hosting on this list have monthly fees of less than $10.

Support and documentation are excellent:

You’ll almost certainly get into circumstances where you require assistance, no matter how user-friendly a hosting interface is. A beginner-friendly host should offer good documentation, so you can learn about major features and 24/7 support if you need one-on-one assistance.

List Of The Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners

1. Hostinger

If you want to pay as little money as possible while getting very dependable service, Hostinger is the ideal option.

Hostinger hosting plans start from $1.99 to $4.99 per month. The Premium Shared Hosting plan will cost $2.59 per month and includes everything you need to get started with a website, and it is Hostinger most popular plan.

This pricing is promotional, and it will increase when you renew. Regardless, if you register for a longer membership, you can lock in these incredibly low costs.

That Premium Shared Hosting plan has 100 GB of SSD storage, which is adequate for most websites, but you can upgrade to one of the other plans if you need more. A free SSL certificate is also included in the plans.

Even when the offer rate expires, the prices stay incredibly low. After renewal, the single-site plan costs only $3.99 per month, one of the lowest rates in the market.

What’s the best part? Hostinger does not give the impression of being a low-cost provider. Even on their cheapest package, you receive free weekly backups. You’ll often have to pay extra for this, but Hostinger takes care of it for you.

It’s a premium host with a long list of tools on every plan, from marketing to UI for administering your site. If you don’t like cPanel, Hostinger has its control panel, hPanel, that any admin may use. You may also auto-install a WordPress site with CPanel’s dedicated WordPress dashboard.

Hostinger also offers a separate email hosting service. It’s only $0.99 per month to get started.

Hostinger provides everything you need at an incredible price, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

Visit - Hostinger Website

2. Bluehost

WordPress has designated Bluehost as one of its official’s recommended hosting. Because of its low prices and extensive offerings, it is a popular choice even among experienced website owners.

The following are some of Bluehost’s most beginner-friendly features:

Outstanding client service: Live assistance is available by phone, chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Automatic installation: Bluehost will install the most recent and secure version of WordPress on your behalf.

Easy to use interface: Bluehost’s interface is simple to navigate, with all technical aspects explained and walkthroughs for each option provided.

Scalability: If you’re not sure which plan to go with, start with the Basic option and upgrade as your website develops with no downtime.

Automatic updates: Bluehost will keep your WordPress software up to date for you.

If you don’t expect a lot of traffic, Bluehost’s shared plans are among the most cost-effective solutions available. You’ll also get a $100 marketing credit that you can use on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

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If you’re seeking the Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners, Bluehost’s pricing point is an intriguing aspect. The monthly costs of Bluehost’s WordPress hosting options range from $2.75 to $13.95 per month, and more expensive options allow you to make several websites and handle higher traffic levels.

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3. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting has been giving trustworthy and great web hosting services since its inception in 2003. AccuWeb is trusted by more than one million+ sites and still counting. They offer web hosting on both Linux and Windows servers. Perhaps the best feature they offer is 24*7 specialized help and their live chat answers within 7 seconds.

AccuWeb has been favorable for small and huge organizations for quite a long time. Besides, they are gladly suggested by reputed brands like PCMag, Techradar, Microsoft, etc.

When an inquiry emerges, why web hosting? One might search for the core elements like Uptime, Data security, Safe and stable server, Speed, and considerably more. AccuWeb offers every one of the choices and has been a choice for many sites for years.

If you have chosen AccuWeb, You have chosen security.

Visit - AccuWeb Hosting

4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting outperforms other hosts on speed in every hosting category (shared, VPS, and dedicated). If you’re switching from another shared web host, you’ll notice a significant boost in loading speed once you’ve made the switch to A2.

You may use their Turbo Servers with their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans. It’s 20 times quicker than their other servers, and it includes:

  • AMD EPYC CPU performance is 40% faster.
  • 2 times faster than the first byte
  • 9x more traffic to manage
  • NVMe SSDs offer 3x quicker read/write speeds.

A2 Hosting also guarantees 99.9% uptime on all plans, so you can be certain that you’ll be working with a dependable host who won’t let you down too frequently.

Each plan also includes a free site migration. This is a terrific offer if you’ve set up your site on a terrible provider and want to migrate. It will save you dozens of hours of attempting to rebuild your site, and it’s taken care of by the A2 Hosting staff.

The prominent CMS solutions, including WordPress, Magento, and Drupal, may be installed with a single click, just like many other web hosts.

If you want to host many websites, you’ll need the Drive plan, which costs $2 more each month once the special time ends.

One way to save money with A2 Hosting is to renew before the special rates expire. Choose tri-annual billing, which will bill for three years at once, to lock in the 63 percent savings for as long as possible. You’ll get two years of free Hosting.

Visit - A2 Hosting Website

5. GreenGeeks 

GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly web hosting provider, and it signifies they’ve run their web hosting services on renewable energy.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, their site hosting services are excellent. They provide fast speeds, dependable uptime, and perfect solutions for:

  • Hosting for WordPress
  • Hosting for WooCommerce
  • Web Hosting for Resellers
  • VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers.
  • Hosting that is shared.

Bottom line: They’re an excellent choice for environmentally aware businesses and websites.

They provide an automated 1-Click WordPress Installer and auto-updates to keep your WordPress site updated, just like other hosting.

They also provide regular backups and comprehensive security measures to ensure the safety and security of your data.

GreenGeeks also keeps up with cutting-edge technologies such as PHP7, SSD, CDN, and more. This ensures that your website is always quick and safe.

They also provide help 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, chat, or ticket system. They are usually quite quick to reply and may help with various problems.

GreenGeeks has a lot of fans because of their excellent service and commitment to saving the environment with their ecologically friendly web hosting services. GreenGeeks is just what you need if you seek a “green” hosting business.

Visit - GreenGeeks Website

6. Kinsta

Our last recommendation is a Google Cloud-based fully managed WordPress hosting solution. Kinsta is also “built with novices in mind,” ensuring a seamless and dependable user experience.

Here are a few reasons why Kinsta is suitable for beginners:

Setup is simple: you may create a new website or migrate an existing one with a few clicks.

A simple dashboard to use: Kinsta has a straightforward control interface that focuses on your everyday website upkeep.

A vast information base: There’s a great resource center with good instructions on various WordPress and web-related issues.

Technical assistance at the highest level: Senior WordPress specialists are accessible through email or chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Backups and automatic updates: Kinsta refreshes your site automatically and backs up your data every day, so you never lose anything.

Suppose you want to invest in a reliable service with amazing performance, first-class support, and the capacity to manage massive traffic levels. In that case, Kinsta is a good choice, and it’s a little on the pricey side in terms of pricing.

Despite all of the features and the great quality of service provided by Kinsta, plans start at $30 per month, which is rather expensive. A few upgrades to your account will get you to $100 each month.

Visit - Kinsta Website

We hope this article helped you to find the Best Web Hosting Companies for Beginners? You may also want to check out our guide on the Best Web Hosting Companies in Singapore.


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