ResellerClub Web Hosting Review, Why choose ResellerClub hosting service?

ResellerClub Web Hosting Review

ResellerClub Web Hosting Review: Digital tactics have been the key element of the present era. Whether it be purchasing a product or showcasing ads, it has all been included in the digital world. Generally, the website has been a vital part in order to showcase any business. Also, every single website requires a hosting service in order to store its data.

Therefore, here I will be talking about one of the reputed hosting services providers which have been really popular in the present day. Here I will be providing you Resellerclub web hosting review and how it has been a really good option for me.

Basically, it has started its journey from Mumbai in the year 1998. It has continuously been improving its services including speed, scale, security, and support. In the present period, ResellerClub has actually built a really good reputation and has actually been appreciated by a great audience.

Why choose ResellerClub hosting service?

Even before we move further regarding the points of how Resellerclub is offering the services at a cheaper price, here are some of the points that actually makes it the best choice.

Also, the Toll-Free number for Indian customers that is +91 22 6720 9090 is something that is never going to disappoint you. When you ask about other providers, then you will mostly hear how the customer has to wait for a period of time in order to get assistance from the support team.

Apart from the support team, when we talk about choosing a particular company, then there are other important that we should look for.

Therefore, Resellerclub does not just have a great support team, but it also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Now, this might be some serious reason to check out the services of the Resellerclub.

Moving further you will find some great reasons why Resellerclub has been the favorite of millions of people including me.

ResellerClub Web Hosting Review:

So today I will be sharing with you the experience which I have got after dealing with Resellerclub Hosting. Basically, the content will talk about the type of hosting, along with the prices, and the improvement that I believe can be done in the upcoming days.

Basically, the variety of services that too at a cheap price is one of the most important factor for choosing Resellerclub over other companies. Therefore, you will also find how Resellerclub offers a huge variety of services that too at such an affordable price. And what might be a bigger reason than getting the same service at a better price along with a much faster speed?

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ResellerClub Products and Services:

After being in the market for such a long amount of time, the company has been able to understand the basic requirements of the customer. Generally, it has a good variety of products that the customer can opt for. Let me tell you about the types of products which Resellerclub is offering to their customers.

  1. WordPress Hosting

Basically, Resellerclub offers WordPress hosting at a price of Rs 160/ month. Generally, the price is cheaper than some other companies offering the same services.

The company offers you WordPress hosting on the cloud with a really good speed and storage option. Tools such as CodeGuard (backup tool) and SiteLock (security integration) are also offered to the customers.

  1. Shared Hosting

This is basically one of the cheapest options which come at a price of Rs 35/ month for the initial month. Along with this product, you get CPanel Website Management in order to manage your website at any period.

Also, you will be provided with protection from virus attacks known as Cloudflare.

  1. Reseller Hosting

Resellerclub also provides the opportunity in order to allow those who want to start their own hosting business. You need to pay Rs 1290/ month then you can offer the hosting services to others at your own desired price.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Apart from the above options, you also get the option of cloud hosting. You need to pay Rs 385/ month and then you get the complete control to analyze your hosting. Basically, the speed of load time is really fast as considered to be the best feature.

  1. Reseller Program

It is the same as the Reseller Hosting. Generally, in this option, you will also get the power to sell hosting, domain, security, and more other products. You can sell up to 800 products that too with a 24*7 support team. All you need is to register with an amount of Rs 1500 in order to activate your account.

  1. VPS Hosting

Generally, in this option, you do not need to share your space with other websites. You will get SSD for the storage that too at a price of Rs 1050/ month.

  1. Dedicated Server

In a dedicated server, you will have a server that is solely dedicated to your website. Generally, this is used by websites that want to have advanced security for their website. Basically, it comes with a price of Rs 6120/ month.

ResellerClub is a good Web Hosting or not?

For me and for millions of user, it has been a great service provider. Generally, it provides you the services at a much less price compared to that of others. Basically, the following are the points which have actually impressed me when I was using the Resellerclub hosting service.

  • Great speed
  • Good storage option
  • Anti-virus along with malware security

Also, you will get a really great support team dedicated to solving your queries at any period of time. Whether it be a newbie or a big company, Resellerclub hosting can be really a great option at such a great price.

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Resellerclub has been a great service provider and when people ask me whether ‘Resellerclub is a good web hosting or not? “, then I give them a big ‘YES’. Even you need to admit that no other providers have offered the same services at such a great price. Also, when I performed multiple speed tests, then I actually found that it holds a really high speed compared to other hosting providers. The only thing that I can say for sure is if you choose Resellerclub as your hosting provider than that will actually be one of the best decisions.

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