Rankraft- Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Services in India

Rankraft- Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Services in India
Rankraft- Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Services in India

Rankraft- Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Services in India: Internet usage in increasing very rapidly and it can be seen every age group enjoys using it. The Internet has made our lives easy. If you are new to the city and want to find a pure vegetarian restaurant, ask to any search engine and it will show you the restaurants near you. Want to read the news? Access to the internet and read all the updates. Want to do a reservation for your holidays? Again access to the internet and get the reservations done within no time. Gone are the days, when there was a need to stand in long queues to book the train/bus seats. You can also pay your mobile, electricity bill just by sitting at home, all you need is just access to the internet.

Do you know how you can access the internet?

Whenever you log in to any search engines, you put the desired address in the URL section. Isn’t it?

For example: For accessing Facebook you enter the address Facebook.com and so on.

And if you don’t know the desired URL then you just put the search query in search engine like Google.

For example: For booking your holiday tickets, you can type the query ‘tickets to Bali’  and Google will show you some results accordingly. Then the choice is yours whether you select Goibibo, MakeMyTrip or any other site.

Exactly, you actually select the particular site, and you know, how does that site appear in the result pages?

Well, it is nothing but due to internet marketing/ online marketing.

Yes, some companies perform internet marketing strategies on their website which brings their site in front of the desired audience.

Do you want to get known?

If you wish your business to get known among lot of people, the internet marketing is the only solution for it.

Rankraft is located in India that provides all types of internet and online digital marketing agency services.

Rankraft- Internet Marketing
Rankraft- Internet Marketing

Internet marketing services by Rankraft are :

Rankraft- Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Services in India

1. Social Media Marketing

Every next person on earth uses social media for almost 5 hours of his day. That means you get a huge population from a single platform itself. This increases your profit by 5 to 6 times just from social media marketing services.  Rankraft covers 3 most used platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to generate interest among people for your business. You can see your business converting into a brand within a year of span. Social media allows you to post photos, videos, gifs, text messages that can drive your audience towards your activities.

Rankraft provides :

1) Social Media Optimization

In social media optimization you get a full-fledged service right from designing posts, banners, messages, etc. for your social media activities. Their expert ensures that you get unique ideas and creations every-time you ask for. Also, the campaigns are run by them on various social media platforms.

2) Social Media Promotion

If you think that you can create your own designs and posts then we respect your work. You can just provide us your materials like posts, content and descriptions, and Rankraft will manage your social media pages. They will run campaigns for you on these channels, so that it could be done effectively.

Are you a startup and want to get reorganization within a short time period?

Then paid ads are for you and here comes the second service by Rankraft :

2. Paid Ads

Paid ads are used to create a buzz about your business or new product launch. For these, you must know where to invest and how much to invest. The experts from Rankraft do perfect bidding and choose relevant platforms for your paid ads so that each penny that you spend gets its worth. Paid ads need to dome carefully because your ad gets visible to people only till the time money is present in your ad account, after a certain time the ads get invisible. Therefore, be sure with experts before actually starting your paid ad campaigns.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to create a rapport between your valuable customers and you. Sending an email gives them personal attention feel that helps to keep them loyal to your brand. Also, email marketing is used to announce new offers, discounts to special customers or the arrival of new products so that people are kept engaged with your business.

The other aspect of online marketing is SEO.

SEO is a way to gain desired leads to your business. Rankraft practices White hat SEO so that your business website can gain rank on search engines.

Services offered under SEO are :

1) Professional SEO

2) Website SEO audit

3) On-Page SEO

4) Link Building

All the SEO services are important to build your website’s credibility in search results. As the credibility increases the rank of your website also increases and you start generating leads through online platforms.

You know what keeps visitors engaged with your website for a longer time?

It is the content of your website. Yes, the helpful content has capability to grab your visitors attention so that they can find it valuable for them.  This builds trust among them. Rankraft has expert content writers that helps grabbing visitors’ and search engines’ attention to your site.

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Conclusion :

Have you ever tried internet marketing for your business? Are you satisfied with the results?

If not, then get started now. Contact Rankraft team to get your customized plans and watch your business turning into a brand.

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