Boston Bruins-Thursday is here, and the Bruins are grateful to be leaving the state of North Carolina

The adage goes that you’re never in trouble in a series until you lose at home, right? That’s the spirit!

While Game 1 was a game that saw the Bruins do plenty of good things only to come undone late

Game 2 featured a brutal injury, a number of head-scratching penalties/turnovers, & the same cap-gun offense we saw in Game 1

Ideally, the Bruins get some kind of a lift, and maybe some more favorable match-ups, by being at home but my fear would be falling behind again Friday

The frustration would probably boil over at that point

The Bruins' best players simply haven't been good enough, maybe with the exception of Patrice Bergeron

Brad Marchand has been absent. David Pastrnak has been absent

Throw in a bottom-six that hasn't made much of a positive impact, and you've got a recipe for a 2-0 hole

We're left facing a whole lot of "ifs" now: if the Bruins can get a lead, if the Bruins can clean up the mistakes, if the power play can become a weapon